Using the New Export Controls Online system (New EXCOL), exporters can submit applications for export permits and certificates, as well as request amendments. In addition, there are a few features available to Recognized Users, who may, for example, submit quarterly utilisation reports for military goods and print selected documents in their office.


If you are already an enrolled user of the New EXCOL.
(Note: if you were an enrolled user of the previous system, you are an enrolled user of the new system.)

Submit Application without an Account

For certain export permit applications, Advisory Opinions, International Import Certificates and Delivery Verification Certificates, you may apply without an account. This option has limited functionality and you are encouraged to obtain an account.

Enrol a new User

To complete your enrolment to your New EXCOL, after applying to become a new recognized user and receiving the New EXCOL User Enrolment notification.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments, or if you need assistance with the New EXCOL system, please contact our Help Desk.

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