Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Global Affairs Canada(GAC) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals and safeguarding personal information under its control and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.

The personal information collected will be used by GAC for the following purposes: reviewing permit applications; tracking goods and technology against authorized permits; and supporting other processes for the administration and enforcement of the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA).The information you provide is voluntary and you may, without prejudice, withdraw your application. Information is being collected and used under the authority of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Act, paragraph 10(2)(e) and the Export and Import Permits Act. In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act, personal information collected for the administration of this program is described in the Global Affair Canada (GAC) Personal Information Bank (PIB): GAC PPU 952. The full text of this PIB is published in GAC’s chapter of the TBS Info Source publication. This publication is available at the TBS website at http://www.infosource.gc.ca/ by contacting the GAC ATIP Coordinator at dcp@international.gc.ca

The personal information in your application may be disclosed internally, if required, to certain other Divisions at GAC for the purposes of consultations, enforcement, security, audit and evaluation, briefing senior management, and policy, procedural, and training development.The personal information may also be disclosed externally to other government departments for the purposes of administering the EIPA and for the purposes of prosecution, judicial review and/or appeals for the purposes of law enforcement.The personal information may also be disclosed externally to various Foreign Governments subject to appropriate Treaties or Agreements, as well as Interpol and municipal/provincial/territorial law enforcement agencies for the purposes law enforcement.

Commercial confidential information may also be disclosed for the above purposes, and in relation to the administration of the EIPA.Information regarding exporting, permitting and denial trends may be shared, without specifying the company name or specific commercial confidential details, as part of Canada’s reporting obligations and to promote transparency around Canadian export of military and strategic items, notably in the Report on the Export of Military Goods that is tabled annually in Parliament.

Information collected by GAC will be stored in the Department’s corporate repository on a secured server for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 7 years after the last administrative use, accessed only by those with a working need to do so. Your personal information will not be used or disclosed by GAC for any purpose other than the administration and enforcement of the EIPA; and that is not permitted by law.

You have the right to access and to request corrections where you believe there is an error or omission.You may contact GAC’s Access to Information and Privacy Protection at dcp@international.gc.ca to exercise these rights. Information held by GAC provided by third parties, including confidential information provided by Canadian companies, may be subject to a request for access under the Access to Information Act. If a request for access to information supplied by a third party is received and there is doubt about whether the information is exempt from disclosure, and in certain other limited contexts, consultations with the third party will take place before a decision is made whether or not to release the information. In addition, individuals have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the institution’s handling of their personal information.

By Clicking “I agree”, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this privacy notice statement and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the information provided therein, subject to the Privacy Act and as described in this privacy notice statement.